Working at Molbulak is the foundation of a successful career.

  The basis of any business is employees. It is purposeful, responsible, active and professional employees that lead the Company to success. We understand this and are doing everything in order to form a team with a high level of motivation, and to work comfortably with us!

  Credit specialist  

Job title

Credit specialist

To whom submits

Branch manager


Secondary special (higher education is preferred)


No matter

Purpose of the post

Attracting and issuing loans to potential customers in the region of the branch.


Male Female

Corporate qualities

Ability to manage time;

Ability to seek solutions to problems

Professional quality

Ability to work in a team and maintain a positive working environment;

Communication skills

Personal qualities

Honesty, Accuracy, Transparency.


IMPORTANT:   Indicate the appropriate position and region when submitting your CV.


  The recruitment process:

  From the vacancy section, selecting the appropriate position, send your resume / CV to the specified address.  

  At the next stage, our human resources staff checks the suitability of your experience and abilities with the requirements of your chosen vacancy. The candidates with the required qualities, depending on the chosen vacancy, receive an invitation for an interview. All other resumes / CVs are stored and stored in a database and, if necessary, may be invited for an interview in the future (the company reserves this right).   

An interview is a clarification of the applicant's experience, as well as his personal qualities. The company has the right to test candidates for certain knowledge to determine the professional level of the candidate.